Alberto Delgado, Director General de Negocio de AEDAS Homes

AEDAS Homesone of Spain's leading homebuilders, closed out 2023 with robust operating figures, including strong construction activity, providing the company with clear visibility for the next three years, with a delivery rate of around 3,000 units annually.

As of 30 November, the homebuilder had 7,058 units under construction or completed—4,741 Build to Sell (BTS) and 655 Build to Rent (BTR)—working out to 1,000 units more than at the the half-year mark (30 September), and distributed across Spain. Furthermore, 1,662 of these units under construction were already complete. As such, the developer now has 100% of units slated for delivery in the next two fiscal years (2023/24 and 2024/25) either under construction or complete and over 50% of the units slated for 2025/26 under construction.

These execution figures are reinforced by the number of building permits secured by the company. As of 30 November, the homebuilder had permits in hand to break ground on an additional 1,341 units. “This clear operational visibility once again highlights the company's considerable execution capacity”, emphasized Alberto Delgado, Chief Operating Officer of AEDAS Homes, who went on to explain that these data “also underscore AEDAS Homes position as the leading industrial partner for BTR projects”.

“During the first eight months of the current 2023/24 fiscal year, the company maintained its production pace, showcasing its efficiency and overcoming the inflationary scenario, which, on the other hand, has moderated recently. We are already on the path to stabilization in construction costs, which is good news for the residential development sector in general and for customers in particular”, concluded Mr. Delgado.

This operational ability highlighted by the Chief Operating Officer of AEDAS Homes is also reflected in the company’s half-year results. As of 30 September, the developer had delivered 637 units across 75 developments, up 22% over the previous year.

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