Work with us

At AEDAS Homes we are in constant evolution and people are the focal point in our company.

We are searching for profiles that take the initiative, are talented and have the desire to learn, capable of adapting to our values and contributing their own ideas.




Territorial Manager Andalusia

"Working in this company is a continuous learning experience. The team of professionals accompanying us in this thrilling and exciting project helps me to improve day by day and carry on learning."

"I would define AEDAS Homes in three words: Commitment, meticulousness and quality."



Product quality manager for Catalonia

AEDAS Homes is a new company, which makes things rather than try to attract talent. We are looking for proactive, which provides day to day and people who knows how to work in a team"

"All participated in the creation of the product."



Brand and Innovation Management. Head Offices.

"Daily life is intense and fun at the same time; there’s no time to be bored and no two days are the same. It’s great!"

"What drove me to work here was that I sensed a true vocation to do things better."



Technical Expert. Territorial Management Centre.

"Coming to work here means starting to learn how to do things well. This is highly exciting for someone starting out."

"We have some marvellous colleagues".



Investor Relations Analyst. Head Offices.

"If I had to describe this company, it would be ‘The new benchmark’. It is enriching to work here. I am evolving with the company."

"It is a constant team-working experience.".



Development Manager. Territorial Management for Levante and the Balearic Isles.

"Why work at AEDAS Homes? Because it is a leader in its sector and it enables you to learn something new every day."

"What adds value is doing things properly."



Administration Chief. Territorial Management Andalusia.

"I love working at AEDAS Homes. I greatly appreciate the ongoing training and the help in reconciling my family and professional lives."

"It’s a great company with a great track record."



Developments Manager for Levante and the Balearic Isles

"My day to day is a constant challenge. Every day is different. In the time I’ve been here, I’ve learned a lot of new things."

"AEDAS Homes has helped me to improve."


Nuestro compromiso

AEDAS Homes aspira a ser una promotora 100% sostenible y comparte los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible (ODS) del World Green Building Council. Esta organización sin ánimo de lucro apunta hacia dos grandes metas para cumplir en 2030 y 2050.

En 2030, se busca una reducción del 40% de las emisiones de CO2 relacionadas con la producción de materiales y de la totalidad de emisiones durante la vida útil de los edificios.

En 2050, el objetivo es la reducción del 100% de dichas emisiones tanto en la producción y construcción como en el uso durante la vida útil del edificio.