AEDAS Homes offers you new-construction developments in Tarragona so you can find the home that best fits your situation, choosing the number of rooms and bedroom you want. This province, which stands out for its location on the shores of the Mediterranean and for its beautiful beaches, may become your new place of residence. Its historic tradition, overflowing with references to a Roman past that is revealed as you stroll through its streets, makes it a top centre with all the services you need within your reach: Schools, supermarkets, health centres, etc. If you are looking for new-construction flats where you can live surrounded by nature and the sea, take a look at the options we are offering. You will enjoy the quality of life that comes will being in contact with a maritime environment and, at the same time, you will have all the comforts you need and you will be just a step away from the centre. Your new home comes with community facilities including a swimming pool and garden areas so that relaxation is part of your daily routine. Furthermore, if you like the Catalan coastline, you may also be interested in our new-construction developments in the province of Barcelona.

Find your new home in Tarragona

Your new home is in Tarragona

Tarragona stands out due to its location on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and beautiful beaches. Its historical tradition has become a center of attraction of the first order. AEDAS Homes offers you these exclusive province of Tarragona locations so that you find the home that best suits you.

We have new dwellings in those who live surrounded by nature and the sea is a reality.

Your new life starts at Tarragona.

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