About AEDAS Homes

We are a next-generation real estate developer founded in 2016, specializing in new-build homes. With the best landbank in Spain, we offer sustainable, high-quality homes in locations with the strongest demand.

At AEDAS Homes we work for the good of society, guided by our purpose and values and enthusiastically carrying out our mission. We create value through our products, and in that way earn the trust of our stakeholders and the communities where we operate.



With a clear mission, a unique corporate culture and solid values, at AEDAS Homes we’re able to create a product with attributes recognized by the market. Our homes are:

High quality > materials, structure, amenities, guarantees

Beautiful > exterior and interior design, timelessness, durability

Sustainable > energy efficiency, certifications, offsite construction, circular economy

Healthy > sport, relaxation, cleanliness, clean air, clean water

Safe > surveillance, sensors, alarms, monitored access

Enjoyable > location, common areas, playgrounds, terraces

Accessible > hallways, elevators, ramps, garages