One of AEDAS Homes’ hallmarks is its innovative spirit, understood as a healthy creative refusal to conform, always in pursuit of excellence. 

Accordingly, at AEDAS Homes we are immerse in a digital transformation process to swiftly adapt ourselves to the constant changes occurring in the demand for housing. To do so, we are implementing different strategies aimed largely at:

•   Developing industrialised homes that achieve the utmost quality levels in a shorter run time, reducing their impact on the environment.
•   Using digital tools, such as Live Virtual Tours, which allow us to forge a stronger trust-based relationship with our customers.
•    Using data as a distinguishing feature to attain a more detailed insight into our activity and make decisions based on the most suitable indicators, minimizing errors and in the shortest possible timeframe.

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New shopping experience

Live Virtual Tours is a unique platform that enables a potential customer to connect live with one of our sales advisors so they can chat and clear up any doubts or queries whilst the advisor, virtually integrated in the development, strolls through the community areas and shows the customer the different rooms and details inside the home.


The value of data

Having a data centre that brings together all the company’s acquired knowledge, has enabled us to make decisions based on the most suitable indicators, minimising error and in the shortest possible timeframe.

At AEDAS Homes, we have introduced the Barometer of Ethics and Artificial Intelligence at corporate governance level, the main goal of which is to place the fact that AI is the technology that will lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution on the agendas of the directors and CEOs of the major IBEX 35-listed companies and that we should be ready to derive maximum advantage from it.