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After the successful completion of its former and ambitious 2021-23 ESG Plan, AEDAS Homes, a leading national homebuilder, strengthens its triple commitment to environment, social and governance with the approval of its new ESG Plan for 2024-2026. This new document defines the company's strategic priorities and goes deeper into the lines of action and specific actions to be carried out.

"AEDAS Homes works every day to build an efficient, profitable, sustainable and responsible homes development model that focuses on the well-being and needs of a society that is constantly evolving. Similarly, we want to have a positive impact on the lives of our human capital and the communities in which we operate. The company's new ESG Plan for 2024-2026 is in line with this," states Esther Duarte, Director of Corporate Resources, who emphasizes that AEDAS Homes is moving forward with this plan to become the national ESG benchmark for residential developers while leading the transformation of the sector through the use of Modern Construction Methods (MMC).

In the new ESG Plan, AEDAS Homes pursues new and more ambitious objectives, focusing on the eight lines of action established in the previous roadmap (ESG Governance and Value Creation; Transparency and Branding; Climate Change; Healthy and Sustainable Development; Eco-efficient Operations; Excellence and Innovation with the Customer; Human Capital; and Social Footprint) and adding a ninth line related to the circular economy.

These nine lines of action include 31 specific and measurable actions to be rolled out over the next three years as well as its implementation schedule. In total, AEDAS Homes will allocate a budget of 1.5 million euros to the new ESG Plan 2024-2026.

  • Environmental Objectives

To combat climate change, the developer will continue to carry out Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) on 100% of its projects, calculate the company's carbon footprint and implement a decarbonisation roadmap for the company.

As part of its commitment to healthy and sustainable development, AEDAS Homes will continue to include all information on the sustainable and healthy aspects of the home in the Building Book, making this section more accessible to people with impaired vision; will achieve an 'AA' energy rating in at least 60% of developments and an additional 'BA' in at least 15%; will continue to develop 100% of its projects in accordance with its Green Book or other prestigious certifications; will incorporate drainage systems in at least 40% of its projects, and at least 35% will have water reuse systems; will continue to plant a tree for every home delivered; and will continue to incorporate clean recycling points in residential developments, among other measures.

In terms of eco-efficient operations, AEDAS Homes is committed to ensuring that 30% of the homes it delivers from 2026 will be fully or partially industrialised. In other words, they will be built using the most sustainable and efficient construction system available. In terms of circularity, the developer will develop a plan to achieve at least 80% recovery of non-hazardous construction waste from 2026.

  • Social Objectives

AEDAS Homes will work on the 'S' of its ESG plan with three aims: excellence and innovation with the customers, human capital and social footprint. For example, it will improve communication with customers through digital tools; position itself as a benchmark company in the Great Place to Work initiative; continue to promote young talent through participation in conferences, university courses, etc.; follow up the work on both its Annual Social Action Plan to support groups in need and its Annual Corporate Volunteering Plan; and continue to support local artists, as it already does through the 'ConLasArtes by AEDAS Homes' project.

  • Governance Objectives

In order to develop a solid corporate governance, AEDAS Homes has once again established in its 2024-26 ESG Plan that management incentives will be linked to the achievement of ESG objectives; it will provide training to all employees involved in environmental reporting; and it be assessed by two ESG rating agencies to consolidate the company’s positioning in the Top 10% of Spanish real estate developers, among other actions.

Esther Duarte explains that the actions of AEDAS Homes ESG Plan for 2024-2026 respond to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations, concluding that "they serve to build a more just, inclusive and sustainable world.".

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