New Developments in Almeria City

You should always take time to enjoy the sun and beach in your everyday life. Almeria is an ideal place where you can find this, as well as much more. Located on the southeast coast of Spain, it is a city where good weather, friendly people, and natural wealth converge. Perfect for those looking for new experiences.

The Beginning of a New Life in The City of Almeria

Almeria City is a place where you can enjoy beaches all year round, such as the famous Zapillo Beach and its cultural richness. You can also explore historic buildings like The Cathedral of the Incarnation or visit traditional tapas restaurants for delicious local cuisine.

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New Homes for Sale in Almeria City

AEDAS Homes offers you a new property development located in Almeria city, equipped with everything you need to start your life of comfort and tranquility. Almeria is a city known for its natural beauty and beautiful people.

Our company takes pride in building environmentally friendly homes designed to be exclusive while maintaining our commitment to sustainability with sustainable materials, architectural techniques, and design features.

Each of our new housing projects in Almeria has been created under sustainability criteria through high-quality construction accompanied by modern architecture.

Are you interested in a new development in Almeria? Then, take your pick from our wide range of options. The city center got everything you could want: schools, medical centers, supermarkets, public transportation. It has all the services for your daily life.

Almeria City: Your Next New Home

Why wait any longer to live in the house of your dreams? From AEDAS Homes, we offer you an offer for new construction in Almeria with all the amenities and best finishes.


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