New Developments in The Province of Almería

Here at AEDAS Homes, we take pride in crafting the best new build houses where you can enjoy modern and sustainable amenities. All of our designs are cutting-edge with everything a homeowner needs.

Living in Almeria

When it comes to dream destinations, Almería city is always a good choice. Located in the east of Andalusia and south of Spain, this province offers everything you will ever need to stay: from weather that is year-round perfect with its beaches lined up one after another or towns rich in history.

  • Mediterranean climate
  • Beautiful beaches, such as Los Muertos or Mónsul
  • Lots of natural sites to visit nearby, such as the Cabo de Gata Natural Park

Almeria is a destination for those who want to enjoy the extraordinary gastronomic variety, cultural richness, incredible architecture, and stunning natural wonders of this province. Did you know that AEDAS Homes has a variety of new developments in Almeria province? Explore our website, and find your perfect home.

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Your New Property Development in Almería

Are you planning to move to the province of Almeria? One of the most important decisions you will ever make is where to live. Almeria is an amazing place to live in. At AEDAS Homes, we study each development and take care of the details until we build the home you need.

New Build Developments in Almeria province

The new development projects in Almeria province have avant-garde architecture, designer construction, high-quality materials that guarantee sustainability, and environmentally friendly energy maintenance.

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