David Martínez, CEO de AEDAS Homes, y Carmen Díaz, Directora General de Holcim España

AEDAS Homes,  a leading residential developer in Spain, and Holcim Spain, from the Holcim Group, a world leader in innovative and sustainable solutions for construction, have signed an important collaboration agreement to build residential developments using ECOPact, a concrete with low carbon footprint. This innovative material makes it possible to significantly reduce CO2 emissions in residential construction.

With this agreement, AEDAS Homes has taken yet another step towards the ambitious goal set out in its ESG Strategic Plan 2021-23, in which the homebuilder aims to neutralize the carbon footprint of its developments by 50% by 2030, promoting the use of environmentally-friendly materials.

“AEDAS Homes continues to make progress towards becoming the benchmark Spanish developer in sustainability and now, with the help of a leading firm such as Holcim Spain, it is closing in on that goal, by incorporating low-emissions concrete, taking into account the direct relationship between traditional concrete and the CO2 emissions in residential construction”, explained Luis García Malo de Molina, Director of Operations at AEDAS Homes.

A sustainable, versatile and durable solution

Manuel Barrero, Director of the Concrete Activity of Holcim Spain, pointed out that "with agreements such as the one reached with AEDAS Homes, we are continuing to take the necessary steps towards decarbonising the construction sector and transforming it into a sustainable business that allows us to build better with less, through a portfolio of low carbon green solutions”.

ECOPact permits CO2 reduction between 30% and 70% in comparison to traditional concrete and mortar, as well as being the first range of concrete with its own Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).

“Our EDP was created using product Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) methodology, which allows us to identify the main environmental impacts derived from the product’s production and use, while at the same time providing full transparency about the process. ECOPact maintains and in fact, even improves on the properties of conventional concrete, and at the same time, it offers a sustainable, versatile and durable solution. This material is a clear example of our aim to keep advancing towards an increasingly sustainable construction sector and contribute to progress for people and the planet”, said Mr. Barrero.

The agreement between AEDAS Homes and Holcim Spain is initially set out for three residential projects with nearly 200 units. The first areas where AEDAS Homes will incorporate ECOPact sustainable concrete in its developments will be in its Madrid, Catalunya and East & Mallorca Regional Branches. “We hope that these developments are just the beginning, and that in the future, all AEDAS Homes developments will be built with environmentally-friendly concrete”, Mr. García Malo de Molina concluded.

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