New construction homes in Zaragoza

This beautiful province has emerged as an important hub for businesses, technology companies, and education centers. With the River Ebro alongside other impressive architectural structures such as The Obelisk Europe and The Zaragoza Museum, it is clear that Zaragoza will continue to grow with its rich history preserved for future generations.

Zaragoza is located in the North-East of Spain and acts as a bridge between the country's diverse regions. With a population of 968,000 residents, Zaragoza is an excellent choice for commuters with Barcelona, Madrid, and France all within easy reach.

The dynamic culture of the province offers something for everyone; from gastronomic delights to captivating history, Zaragoza city has it all.

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Trazado Obra Nueva Tarragona

The finest places to live in the province of Zaragoza

AEDAS Homes offers you new developments in Zaragoza so that you can find the apartment that best suits your needs. This province is vibrant, lively, and filled with cultural value.

Live in any of our Bayeu, Pignatelli, Casanate developments in Zaragoza. The quality of life that comes with being part of the rich cultural tradition of this province will be within your reach. You will have everything you need at home: relaxing common areas include a swimming pool and garden spots to enjoy every day.

Experience the best new developments in Zaragoza

AEDAS Homes know what it takes to create the perfect living space. Our team of architects, engineers, designers, and craftsmen work together to ensure every detail is considered when designing your home. From the moment you walk through our doors until the day you move in, we will be there with you.

And if you want something completely custom-made, request our Living service and we will work with any design that fits your vision perfectly. There are many options to make this process as smooth as possible for everyone involved, so don’t hesitate to contact us.