David Martínez, CEO de AEDAS Homes

AEDAS Homes, a leading listed residential developer in Spain, has broken a new delivery record after handing over the keys to 3,544 homes in its 2022/23 fiscal year that ended on 31 March. This delivery figure is the highest figure reported by a Spanish homebuilder in the current real estate cycle.

This total is comprised of 2,730 units delivered to retail customers and institutional clients (2,120 Build to Sell units and 610 Build to Rent units), up 19% over last year’s delivery total and once again confirming the company’s ability to achieve its business plan goals, initially estimated at over 2,600 units.

In addition to these 2,730 deliveries, the company delivered an additional 814 units through its asset-light Real Estate Services division, 420 coming from co-investment projects and 394 from projects under management for third parties. The homebuilder has been developing and consolidating this business line, which was launched after the acquisition of Áurea Homes, for the last two years, thus getting out ahead of market trends and needs.

David Martínez, CEO of AEDAS Homes, explained that “this new delivery milestone —which is unprecedented in the Spanish development sector in the last 15 years— confirms AEDAS Homes’ benchmark status in the sector, clearly demonstrating our outstanding production and execution capacity”.

“Additionally”, he said, “the growth in our asset-light Services division, which perfectly complements our core business activity, confirms the wise business strategy we adopted two years ago based on co-investment and offering integrated project management services for third parties. The company was really ahead of the market moment”, he said.

With the deliveries completed in the 2022/23 fiscal year, AEDAS Homes has delivered 9,000+ units in its six years of history, which “confirms the organization's operating efficiency and its execution capacity to achieve future targets”, Mr. Martínez concluded.

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