Discover the best new homes for sale on the Galicia coast

You might be looking for new build developments on the Galicia coast, and AEDAS Homes have it all. Our homes are modern and with customization options that will suit your lifestyle. If you dream of living on the coast, we offer an opportunity to live nearby cliffs, beaches, rivers, and everywhere.

Your new home is in Galicia coast.

Discover more promotions in the Spanish Coast in Valencia, Costa Dorada or Maresme.

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New build developments on the Galicia coast

From AEDAS Homes, we work to make your dreams of living on the Galicia coast come true. For that reason, our options have different customization alternatives with which you can adapt each space of the new home according to your preferences. In addition, we have the best new development projects located in some of Galicia's most exclusive areas for those seeking a coastal lifestyle.

The best areas of the Galician coast to live in

The best thing about living on the coast is that you can always see what is going on in the ocean, and if it isn't sunny outside, there are plenty of board games inside. Plus, Galician cuisine tastes better when eaten while sitting near a window with an unobstructed view.

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